She is a DJ / Producer making her own music, remixes and DJ-ing in clubs. She also presents two weekly radio shows, A Darker Wave and Draw The Line  Radio Show.

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Jacki-E is a DJ / Producer from Northamptonshire in the UK. With her partner, P-Mac, she has her own weekly radio show, A Darker Wave, in which she  plays the best in new underground techno and Deep House.
She has recently started a second show, Draw The Line Radio Show, which features the amazing music being made by women DJs and Producers.
It's showing that the overwhelming male bias in festival and club line ups and in set track lists is totally unnecessary.

She has played DJ sets in clubs in Germany, the Midlands, the South Coast London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Liverpooll. She also produces her own original tracks and remixes. Her latest release is a remix of HUMAN ROBOT by The SloaneRanger.

Jacki-E's influences are the techno, deep house, jungle, dnb and the ethos of the acid house raves and festivals of the early 90's. If you listen carefully you can hear the underlying stories which have influenced her in her preference  for the darker edge of electronic dance music.

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Release date 18th July 2019 on Beatport and all major download sites, Jacki-E's remix of Human Robot by The SloaneRanger as part of the Human Robot EP on TheSloaneRangerProductions label. Truly a song for our times.

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The Kid Inside - One Way Forward (Jacki-E remix)

Jacki-E remixes 'One Way Forward' by The Kid Inside for DeepDownDirty. 

An irrrstible beat, new vocal parts and additional  synths add a different dimension and emotional appeal to the original. 

***2 week Beatport exclusive from 2 April 2019 and then on general release***

The latest release by Jacki-e on Beatport

'Marionette' ep by Jacki-e & ERIC louis (includes two remixes by jazzuelle)

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Artist: Jacki-E & Eric Louis 

Title: Marionette EP 

Label: Get Physical Music 

Released: 26th October 2018 

Cat No: GPM480 

Jacki-E & Eric Louis join the trendsetting Get Physical label with a new single that comes with two fantastic remixes from South African producer Jazzuelle. 

Eric Louis is from New Jersey and has released on the seminal NYC label, Nervous amongst others. He’s topped online sales charts with his well-schooled US house sounds and draws on early experiences attending legendary clubs like Sound Factory. Here he works with Jacki-E, who recently retired from a professional career and now focused on her weekly techno radioshow ‘A Darker Wave’. Together they offer up a new single that is destined to keep dancers warm this autumn and winter. 

The nimble and light footed ‘Marionette’ is a succulent house cut with gooey bass doing gymnastics. Neon synths rise and fall throughout, taking on different shapes and sizes while that busy bassline keeps you moving. It’s a track with numerous peaks and troughs that just keeps on pulling you in. 

Jazzuelle is at the heart of the current Get Physical picture thanks to his spiritual deep house EPs and two excellent albums. His super Spaced Out Dream Remix is just that— a deep cut that has you gazing off to the distance with glazed eyes. Sci-fi synths float by like spaceships in the night and pensive keys add a layer of emotional depth. 

Last of all Jazzuelle turns in a fantastic 6AM Disco Mix that has freaky stabs and filtered drums making for a playful mischievous mood that is designed to get the attention of the late night party animals. 

This is a trio of terrific house tunes which all have their own unique qualities. 


01 Jacki-E & Eric-Louis - Marionette
02 Jacki-E & Eric-Louis - Marionette (Jazzuelle’s Spaced Out Dream Remix
03 Jacki-E & Eric-Louis - Marionette (JAzzuelle’s 6AM Disco Mix) 


This is a trio of terrific house tunes which all have their own unique qualities. 

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