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Welcome to A Darker Wave

Our ethos is to discover and promote up and coming DJ's, Producers and their music.
A Darker Wave started when an opportunity came our way. A new radio station was being created and they were looking for content having discovered some of our mixes on line. We were approached and offered the chance of a 9 pm slot on a Saturday night. Without even thinking about it we said yes. How could we not say yes, even though we had no knowledge of how we were going to go about the task of creating such a show.

We had ten days to research and find out how to do it and the first show was finally made, although it was in mono and we only had one microphone between the two of us, which, by the way, we were unable to turn off. We couldn't talk between voice overs and the only way to communicate was with sign language and written notes. But the fun we had was immense!!

The show soon grew to two hours with the second hour being used to showcase DJ's with their own mix. We also sometimes include interviews with various DJ's when the opportunity arises and we are always looking for new tracks, released and unreleased to showcase. We do all of this purely for the love of music.

So if you DJ, produce music, or both of these and you would like to be featured in a future show, with a mix or a track you have produced, click the link below to contact A Darker Wave and tell us something about yourself.

But before that, please take a look at the rest of our site and see what we do. Also, have a listen to some of our previous shows. There's much to see here and the content will continue to grow. 

So take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and even if you don't DJ or produce and are here just to enjoy the music, take a moment to drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.

Video for this week's show

Guest mix 2nd hr by Maurice Burgbacher, a German techno DJ & Producer. He's been producing his own tracks since 2014 & three of his songs have been licensed by record labeIs in 2020. His first track "Nightcrawler" has already been released on two compilations.

In our mix in the first hour we have music from Arnaud Rebotini, Veerus, Dominik Musiolik, Denise From Payroll, O’Fella & lots more

This Week's Show

#275 A Darker Wave guest 2nd hr M Burgbacher

Guest mix 2nd hr by Maurice Burgbacher, a German techno DJ & Producer.
In our mix in the first hour we have music from Arnaud Rebotini, Veerus, Dominik Musiolik, Denise From Payroll, O’Fella & lots more

More Information about This Week's Show

For more information about this week's show including a full track listing with links where available go to our Soundcloud page using the find out more link below

Featured ep's & lp's

Find the latest featured EP's and LP's that have been played in the shows over the past weeks

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Featured EP's & LP's


Find the latest records & unreleased tracks that have been played in the shows over the past weeks

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Every week we find new music and feature it in our shows. It could be newly released tracks, or sometimes we find unreleased, little gems hidden away in the depths of the web. Keep coming back here, because you never know what you may find.

Records of the Week

Crate digging still exists you just have to look in different places

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Jacki-e & Draw the line radio show

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Streamed every Saturday 9pm UK on Radio Flintshire
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About Us


Our Programming

We are a duo (jacki-e & p-mac) who present our own radio show every Saturday at 9pm UK time on Radio Flintshire and 10pm EST (3am Sunday UK time) on House Nation Toronto. We put the show together at our home studio. The show is streamed worldwide on the internet via the Tune In Radio app. Each show is posted on our Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages once it has been streamed. The music we play is techno, tech house and deep house. Each show is 2 hours long. In the first hour we go into the mix with our featured EP of the week and the best of the new releases. In the second hour we invite new and upcoming DJs to come onto the show and do a guest mix.

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What is and why are we called A Darker Wave

Dark Wave was first used in the 1980s to describe a dark and melancholy variant of new wave and post-punk music and was first applied to UK musicians such as Bauhaus, Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Depeche Mode and Anne Clark. It was also used to describe artists who combined music with performance art, such as Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire, who challenged and explored the darker and obsessive sides of the human condition.

A lot of techno takes its spirit and ethos from this music, Listen to Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire and you can hear the industrial sounds which are a staple of techno music today.

Techno is the outsider of electronic dance music, the punk of today's modern music scene. As Dave Clarke said in an interview with Mixmag, " Techno is edgy. Techno will challenge you...... it's the real dark art."

Our radio show, in presenting the best in underground techno and deep house music, and in giving an opportunity for new, up and coming DJ's and producers, is providing an outlet for new techno, which is best described as being the new wave of modern dance music.

Not just a new wave, but with it's incessant bass rumblings, synthesiser drones, pounding drums, melodic top notes and eerie, distorted vocal samples, techno, in all its forms, is a backdrop to and a critique of our post-industrial, consumerist society, one in which our actions are observed 24/7, our democratic freedoms are threatened by our very own governments and our rights to do, think and act as we please are under ever increasing scrutiny. Techno really is A Darker Wave.

When we were listening to music in the 60’s and 70’s, before the electronic tentacles of technology infiltrated the world, we often thought, whilst listening to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Hawkwind, Captain Beefhart, New York Dolls and Roxy Music, where would music go to in the future? It could never be what was being portrayed in the science fiction movies of the time. When we have a recording studio in our own home which is more powerful and versatile than anything available back then, we now know music can be anything and go anywhere. It is only the spark of our imaginations, or lack of it, that holds us back. On our laptop computers we have the capabilities that many artists back then would have given their right arms for. It’s for the uniqueness of the artist to express themselves to be able to stand out from the deluge of music available. Finding those gems is the modern day equivalent of crate digging and when you do, it makes it all worthwhile. Long live music!!!!

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Offering the best in techno music, deep house, tech house, and house music. HNT features over 20 resident DJ’s and over 20 international DJ shows from across the globe. We are on the leading edge when it comes to live radio broadcasting, live recordings, and live shows from across the world. Our resident DJ’s come from Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Europe and Japan. Stream online or from anywhere in the world on the HNT Radio App available for mobile devices.

A Darker Wave plays some of the best underground Techno and Deep House

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Draw The Line Radio Show, It’s time to say NO to gender imbalance in dance music.

Our other show on HNT

Draw the Line Radio Show features the great music being made by female producers, musicians and DJs in techno and other genres of modern dance music.

Radio Flintshire

Radio Flintshire

Radio Flintshire will always mean something special to A Darker Wave, This was the station that threw us in at the deep end by giving us the chance to do our own radio show, enabling us to get where we are today. A steep learning curve, yes, but so much fun.
Thank you Dabbie & Jenn.
Stream our latest show every Saturday at 9pm.
Radio Flintshire

Also catch the latest Draw The Line featuring the best music from female DJs and producers every Tuesday at 11pm.

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