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'Def' by Polly Powder released by ANALOGmusiq on 26th Oct 2018 (Show #195)


'Def', the third EP release by Berlin based producer Polly Powder, is his strongest yet.  

The EP opens with the bouncy rhythm of 'Chuck' over which a catchy hook adds a 

'Glare'  has a great atmosphere with swelling synths and percussive features which make for a mysterious yet engaging track.

'Scabb' closes the EP with strong percussion before synth stabs, a chunky rhythm and an atmospheric background build towards the finale.

This is an excellent EP with three really strong techno tracks, all aimed squarely at the dance floor.

We played  'Chuck' and 'Glare' in Show #195.


'Perspectives' by Antipole, released on Bandcamp on 2nd Nov 2018 (Show #194)


Perspectives is a series of remixes by a wide selection of contemporary  Darkwave and Coldwave artists. Each artist has put their unique mark and  perspective on an Antipole track.

Ash Code remixes 'Closer'  with the strong rhythm nicely complementing Eirene's ethereal vocals.

Delphine Coma give 'Deco Blue' a threatening and mysterious edge.  Agent Side Grinder takes  'Shadow Lover'  into a  different dimension by heavily vocoding the voice. Iamtheshadow brings the vocals of Paris Alexander and Eirene and the lead guitar to the front of the mix on 'October Novel'. 

Kill Shelter's remix of 'Narcissus' adds more tonality to the lead guitars.  Warsaw Pact emphasise the rhythmic elements of 'Someday 45'.

Paris Alexander remixes 'Part Deux' and allows Eirene's vocals to dominate over the buzzsaw bass riff and guitars.

Kiss of the Whip take 'Summer Never Ends' into a dark place. 

'She Pleasures Herself', featuring Eirene and Paris Alexander, is remixed by Blackskull with some interesting synth elements. 

Antiflux remixes 'Suburban Valve' with a harder kick drum whilst retaining the rhythmic power of the track.

Kill Shelter is on duty again for the remix of  'All Alone.' Reconverb remixes 'Le Chatelet' retaining the dynamics  of the track's slow build. 

Finally, One Man standing's remix of 'Distant Fall' closes the album with the haunting vocals of Paris Alexander.

We played 'October Novel', 'Shadow Lover', 'Narcissus' and 'Summer Never Ends' in show #194.


'Forbindelse' by Sasha & La Fleur, released by Last Night On Earth on 26th Oct 2018 (Show #194)


Sasha and La Fleur collaborate on the title track, 'Forbindelse' with layered pads, ethereal vibes and rippling, melodic synths.

La Fleur also contributes an original track, 'Rooned' which is built around a beautiful, shimmering synth chord and melodic synths.

'Forbindelse' is Norwegian for connection and on this EP, Sasha and La Fleur have certainly connected with two great tracks. 

We played both tracks from the EP in Show #194.

'Dahinter Das Gesicht' by Schwefelgelb released by Aufnahme + Wiedergabe on 24th Feb 2017, Show #194


'Dahinter Das Gesicht' by Schwefelgelb is, quite simply, a real banger with four high tempo, percussive tracks sure to keep any dance floor moving into the early hours.

'Es zieht mich' has driving percussion underneath a repeated synth riff and voice samples.

'Aus dem hals der Flasche' is also heavily percussive but with synth high notes contrasting nicely with the catchy rhythmic undertow.

'Fokus' combines elements of the two preceding tracks, for another energetic work out.

Finally, 'Durch die haare die stirn' has a processed synth rhythm which is cleverly and very effectively modulated and EQd into the breaks.

We played 'Aus dem hals der Flasche' and 'Fokus' in Show #194.


'Romantic Fiction' by Curses released by Dischi Autunno on 26th Oct 2018 (Show #193)


The featured EP in show, #193, was 'Romantic Fiction' by Curses released by Dischi Autunno on 26th Oct 2018.

Romantic  Fiction - the debut LP from Curses - is an honest musical expression  drawing influences from his youth growing up in NYC in the 80s.  References to new wave, post-punk, synth music and early EBM are  skillfully merged with the DIY approach of punk and rock n roll angst.  Brandishing an immersive sonic palette, all instruments throughout the  album were played and recorded by the artist.

Exhausted  by the current state of competitive dance music monotony, Romantic  Fiction is a collection of songs, not DJ tools: songs that work at home,  but also in the club should the right crowd beckon.

It’s  about escapism and finding comfort in the unknown, fulfilling the empty  void by embracing the mysterious. Darkness is a light undiscovered, not  something to be frightened of.

Curses  also invites friends who share a mutual love for incorporating post  punk and new wave into contemporary electronic music. Perel delivers  mighty Nina Hagen-esque operatic punk vocals on the first single, 'Gold  & Silber', whilst Dischi Autunno label boss Jennifer Cardini and  Curses share a duet on the cold wave silk of 'Silence In The Dark'.

As  an amalgamation of influences from multiple decades, Romantic Fiction  is a deeply personal album, triggering a feeling that is unnerving at  times, familiar and welcoming at others.

We  played 'Crucify' the Antoni Malovvi remix of 'Gold and Sliber' and the  Terr remix of 'Pedal to the Metal' (which are from the separate remix  EP) in show, #193.